1.9-km-Wide Asteroid Flies Past Earth Safely

1.9-km-Wide Asteroid Flies Past Earth Safely

An asteroid safely passed by the Earth. The 1.9-kilometer-wide asteroid made its closest approach at around 3:26 pm IST and came within 6.3 million km of Earth. The asteroid is classified as a “potentially hazardous object” known as 1998 OR2, as it is bigger than 140 m & passed within 8 million km of Earth’s orbit.

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The space rock, known as (52768) 1998 OR2, is supposed to make its closest approach at 10.56 am BST, when it will be just 3.9m miles far away from earth.

Although the asteroid is classified as a PHO, scientists have said it will not pose any kind of danger to Earth. Dr. Brad Tucker said this asteroid does not pose any kind of danger to the Planet and will not hit. While it is big, it is still smaller than the asteroid that effected the Earth and vanished the dinosaurs.

Dr. Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist at the Australian National University, said an asteroid is called as a potentially hazardous object if it is bigger than 500ft & comes in contact within 5m miles of the planet’s orbit.

1.9-km-Wide Asteroid Flies Past Earth Safely

Dr. Anne Virkki, the head of planetary radar at the Arecibo Observatory, said if we know more about potentially hazardous objects, it will help us to improve various impact-risk mitigation technologies.

Dr. Anne Virkki, who has been tracking the 1.2-mile-wide rock, added till now, there are no known potentially hazardous objects that can affect an immediate danger to the Earth.

Scientists all over the world will continue to monitor the asteroid, although the next closest path is not supposed to take place for another 49 years.

Flaviane Venditti, a research scientist at the observatory, said in 2079, asteroid 1998 OR2 will pass Earth about 3.5 times closer than it will this year, so it is necessary to know its orbit more accurately.


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