200,000 H-1B Workers Could Lose Their Right To Be In US By June

200,000 H-1B Workers Could Lose Their Right To Be In US By June

Due to COVID-19, a disease caused by the spread of coronavirus there has been almost, a worldwide lockdown. Due to the lockdown majority of the working places either have switched to work from home or they have cut down the number of employees.

The United States has seen many employees losing their jobs during this crisis. The most worrying situation is for the people holding H-1B visas as they are at risk of losing their jobs, and nowhere to go since their native country is in lockdown as well.

Manasi Vasavada is dealing with such a case, as she is at risk of losing her H-1B visa, thus she may lose her right to live in the country.

Vasavada along with her husband who is a dentist is in the country on an H-1B visa. This temporary visa is designed for people with specialized skills, allowing them to remain in the country for sixty days legally with no payment made by the visa holder. After a few weeks, their visas are going to expire, and already taken students loan of $520,000, they are in trouble.
There will come a point when they will have nowhere to go.

200,000 H-1B Workers Could Lose Their Right To Be In US By June

According to Jeremy Neufeld, an immigration policy analyst with the Washington D.C.-based think tank Niskanen Center, around 250,000 guest workers seeking a green card in the U.S.—about 200,000 of them on H-1B visas might be losing their legal status by the end of June.

About three-fourths of H-1B visas belong to tech industry people.
In the past two months, tens of millions of Americans have gone jobless but they are not in a situation as bad as workers with visas are.

For instance, H-1B visas are bound to a particular location and employer who commits to paying the recipient a minimum salary. Reducing wages of recipients, furloughing, and in some cases allowing them to work from home violates visa requirements. Terminated workers holding H-1B visas will have only 60 days to find a new job, leave the country, or get a different visa transfer. Even though they might not be losing their jobs, but what worries them is the renewing process of visas, which is doubted to happen in this period of disruption.


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