3 Lakhs African To Die Due To Coronavirus, Says UN Agency

3 Lakhs African To Die Due To Coronavirus, Says UN Agency

On Friday, UNECA, UN Economic Commission for Africa said that 29 million Africans are expected to fell into poverty, and more than 3 lakhs people will get killed, due to the pandemic of COVID-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus.

Africa has reported confirmed cases, of 20,000, which is just a fraction of global cases reported which is more than two million. But the World Health Organization has warned that Africa will see around 10 million cases in 3 to 6 months.

The UNECA report stated that at a minimum of 100 billion dollars is required to provide health and social safety.

There has been warning of severe economic crisis across Africa amid the pandemic, as growth is expected to contract by 2.6 per-cent in the worst-case scenario. An estimation that accounts for people fell into extreme poverty due to this pandemic is 27 million.

The World Bank stated that sub-Saharan Africa could fall into its first recession in a quarter-century.

The new report said that the collapsed businesses may never recover even in post-pandemic. Lack of fast response from the government will result in losing control and facing unrest.

The African government has suddenly increased the number of tests done per day as they are not aware of the total number of infected people. More than 1 million tests are rolled out from next week to fill the gap.

People of Africa are the most vulnerable to this disease due to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malnutrition which is common in overcrowded slums of Africa.

The head of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, John Nkengasong, on Thursday, told some reporters that there is a possibility of 15 million tests to be required in the next three months.

Africa being the hotspot for various diseases, lacks in obtaining the needed medical equipment. But, now Africa has created a continental platform with 54 countries that can collectively bulk-buy items at reasonable prices.

Recently, a ship with major equipment which was also including more than 400 ventilators, arrived which was to be shared by 54 countries.

Most people have only mild effects upon catching coronavirus i.e. fever, and cough but most people majorly older ones and people who are having underlying health problems, this disease can cause pneumonia and death.

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