7 Dead, Thousands Fall Sick After Gas Leak In Andhra, PM Calls For NDMA Meeting

7 Dead, Thousands Fall Sick After Gas Leak In Andhra, PM Calls For NDMA Meeting

In Andhra Pradesh’s Vishakhapatnam district from a chemical factory, poisonous gas was leaked. This incident took place on Thursday in the early hours. After inhaling this poisonous gas at least eight people have died and more than a thousand people have fallen sick.

Gautam Sawang the director-general of police in Andhra Pradesh had confirmed the death toll at six.
There are many unconfirmed reports which say that eight people have been killed in the mishap.
This incident happened at around three am at LG Polymers Ltd at Gopalapatnam, when people in the nearby colonies were fast asleep.

Many people were collapsed on the roads after they were not able to bear the pungent smell of the gas. Assistant commissioner of police Swaroopa Rani said that it has come to know that several people which consist of mostly old people and children have fainted within their homes.

She further said that because of the foul smell even police were unable to enter into the colonies and they were going around the colonies telling people to leave their homes for some safer place.

An ambulance driver who was hastened to move the sick to the hospitals was also suffocated and nauseous.
With the help provided by the police, several people have been moved to a safe place and people who were sick were taken to King George hospital including some other private hospitals.

7 Dead, Thousands Fall Sick After Gas Leak In Andhra, PM Calls For NDMA Meeting

To rescue people National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team came to service to rescue people along with fire tenders from Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd who were attempting to reduce the result of the gas using water.

The gas caused suffocation to the people spreading to 20 nearby villages.
Vinay Chand who is a district collector has told reporters that about two hundred people have fallen ill due to suffocation. Locals have said that many people continued to remain in their houses and they were not responding to calls. Officials have advised people not to leave towards Gopalapatnam till noon.

Arrangements were being made by the LG polymers company for reopening the plant from Thursday which is 7 May, after it has been closed for more than 40 days.
Andhra Pradesh’s minister for tourism M Srinivasa Rao along with Udaya Bhaskar who is a deputy superintendent of police has visited the affected colonies.


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