7 Injured In Boiler Explosion At NLC Power Plant In Tamil Nadu

7 Injured In Boiler Explosion At NLC Power Plant In Tamil Nadu

On Thursday a boiler explosion occurred at Neyveli Lignite Corporation power plant at Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu. At least 8 people are injured in this accident. According to the reports, the explosion was caused due to the above normal temperature in the boiler. The fire has been brought under control with the help of five fire tenders. These fire tenders have to fight for one long hour to set down the fire.

The explosion took place in the sixth unit of the second power plant and the blast set ablaze the oil that was stored nearby. It has a capacity of 210 Megawatt production.

The injured have been taken to the NLC Medical hospital in Neyveli. The officials have rushed to the spot to investigate the incident.

Among the eight injured workers, two are regular workers and while others are based on contact. All the injured were supported first aid treatment at NLCIL Hospital and for further advanced treatment, they have been referred to the private hospital in Trichy.

Two contact workers who have sustained a seventy per-cent burn are in critical condition.

Moreover, the company has called for an expert committee to find the reason for this accident. Two days ago there was a minor fire accident that took place at the conveyor belt in the TPSII. It has seven units.

This plant has around 2,000 workers which also includes staff members from distribution and administration. Only a per-cent of total workers were on duty because of social distancing norms.

The lead insurer of Neyveli Lignite Corporation, National Insurance Co said that an all-risk insurance policy for Rs. 35,000 crore has been taken by the public-sector entity.

The all-risk insurance policy covers all major accidents like an explosion, fire, earthquake, and many more.
Along with the all-risk policy, NLC has also taken a public liability insurance policy in which AOA(Any One Accident) limit is up to Rs. Five crores.

National Insurance said that the company has taken a GPA(Group Personal Accident) policy under which medical insurance of up to Rs. five lakh is available for employees who are currently injured.


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