Accenture Company To Lay Off 5% Of Its Global Workforce

Accenture Company To Lay Off 5% Of Its Global Workforce

Accenture, the Technology major is about to cut off around 25,000 people or a minimum of 5 per-cent of its workforce around the globe will be cut off with expected firings from India as well.

2 lakh people are employed in Accenture in India with a global staff of 5 lakh. As per reported by the Australian Financial Review, Accenture’s Julie Sweet in an internal global staff meeting said that despite trimming subcontractors and stopping new recruitments, the company is still in need to trim employees.

However, Accenture is not the only IT company to be cutting off the employees. Other IT services firm who recently layoff their employees include Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. 

Cognizant, the tech firm of US layoff 18,000 employees across India. Unable to secure projects Cognizant asked these employees to resign. 

As per reports, IBM too had layoff around 2,00 of its employees globally.

“At this time we are not planning extraordinary global workforce actions.” In a statement Accenture said that as part of their performance process, every year they conversate with their people regarding their performance, potentiality of their progress, improvement areas, and whether they are fit for further working in the company. 

“This year, across all parts of our business and all career levels, we will identify approximately 5% of our people as our lowest performers, and these individuals will transition out of Accenture. This is consistent with our actions each year.”

The company added that they manage their business for the long term and it is important to make sure that they have the correct people with the right skills to serve a client with the best. 

It added that they continue to hire in India and as part of their compensation programmes they noticed that a number of their people are with promotions and bounces.


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