Army Soldiers, Including 4 Officers, Held Captive By China Released

Army Soldiers, Including 4 Officers, Held Captive By China Released

On Thursday evening, the Chinese army released 10 Indian personnel. Chinese army held captive these soldiers. Release of these Indian soldiers occurred after a violent clash at Galwan valley between Indian and Chinese troops.

Among the freed 10 Indian Army personnel, 4 officers were also included. Chinese army on Thursday at 5:30 pm freed personnel and officers to Galwan valley’s patrol point 14.

The 10 Indian soldiers included two Majors, two Captains and six jawans from two units, the sources added.

Indian Army and China’s people’s Liberation army reached to an agreement of freeing 10 Indian soldiers. Their talks occurred at Major general-level talks. During talks, the Indian officers were reportedly assured of the safety of soldiers during talks on Thursday. The Indian delegation was also shown pictures of soldiers held captive by the Chinese.

After the Chinese released Indian personnel, the situation over the border has calmed down. The next round of talks between India and China over the weekend will revert to disengagement issues.

10 Indian Army Soldiers Released

On Thursday, A Major General-level dialogue happened between Indian and Chinese militaries. This meeting held for 3rd consecutive day discussed upon the disengagement of troops as well as restoring normalcy in areas around the Galwan Valley.
However, an official announcement of releasing 10 Indian soldiers is yet to be made.

The Indian Army said that they have accounted for every Indian soldier involved in the deadly face-off. It further clarified that no Indian troops are missing in action.

Military sources on Thursday added that a total of 76 personnel were brutally assaulted by the Chinese army on Monday out of which 18 were seriously injured while 58 of them sustained minor injuries. They said 18 personnel are undergoing treatment at a hospital in Leh while 58 are admitted to various other hospitals.

The clash in Galwan Valley is the biggest confrontation between the two militaries after their 1967 clashes in Nathu La when India lost around 80 soldiers while the death toll on the Chinese side was over 300.


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