Around 250 Indians Infected With COVID-19 In Singapore says Indian High Commission

Around 250 Indians Infected With COVID-19 In Singapore says Indian High Commission

Jawed Ashraf, Indian high commissioner said that 250 Indians have been tested positive for COVID-19, among which half of them are closely connected to the foreign worker’s dormitories. Although most of the infected ones are in stable condition or they are improving. There are some permanent residents among the 250 people infected with this disease, as said by Ashraf.

About fifty percent of the 250 infected people reside in the foreign worker’s dormitories which have come as the focal point of the spreading of disease.

March 29, was the first date on which the first case was reported from the dormitories, but the infected people’s number has increased to 460 out of which 200 were found positive on Thursday. In the coming days, infected numbers will be increased as testing numbers have also increased in Singapore.

COVID-19 task force co-chairperson Wong said that the COVID-19 case numbers in the foreign worker’s dormitories will be increasing in the coming days.

250 Infected Indians in Singapore

As quoted by The Straits Times, Minister’s saying on Friday, “But we do have a comprehensive strategy and measures are in place, and the agencies are now working round the clock to execute and implement them.” Wong also said that the workers will be provided cleaning services and many more which comes under public services.
He added further, not to be biassed towards these people. He stressed by saying that not only foreign people are at higher risk of getting exposed to this disease but the rest of the population are at equal risk, no matter the race or nationality.

As per their local media, Singapore authorities are working hard to provide better accommodations. Ashraf, Indian High Commissioner said that the Indian man who was 32 year old who died recently, did not die because of COVID-19 but due to some heart condition, revels post marten.

Around 250 Indians Infected By COVID-19 In Singapore: Indian High ...

The man after being taken the test for COVID-19 on April 7, was advised to stay at home.
The body which gets deceased was impossible to send back home as the lockdown in India has halted all the international flights thus eliminating the point of sending the deceased,s body to its home, though Singapore authorities have said to have talked with the man’s family.

287 cases of COVID on Thursday have been reported in Singapore, thus making the total to reach 1,910. However, the death toll has been low recording only 6 deaths so far.

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