Azamgarh Minors Free After 4 Months in Adult Jail: CAA Protest

Azamgarh Minors Free After 4 Months In Adult Jail: CAA Protest

After taking part in anti-CAA protests, a minor returned home from jail in Azamgarh. He spent 4 months in the jail after arrested for his part in anti-CAA protests, reported The Print. 

16-year-old arrested along with 19 people on 5 February for raising anti-national slogans.

He was put under sedition, attempt to murder charges, and several other charges.

The Print reported what the minor’s elder brother said, “It’s been extremely difficult for us, knowing that our younger brother is in jail all these months. Our mother, especially, went through a horrible time.”

Tahir Madni the general secretary of Rashtriya Ulema Council was released on May 15. The Allahabad High Court after ordering bail to the minor found the minor’s case similar to Madni, yet the minor got a delayed bail.

ThePrint further mentioned what lawyers told them that the minor’s arrest was an “aberration.” Being a minor he should be kept in a juvenile cell, but he was kept in adult jail for 4 months, reported ThePrint.

Azamgarh Minor Sent To Adult Jail

Moreover, the police claimed that they were unsure if the accused was a minor or not.

ThePrint reported, “Lawyers argued that while it is true in principle that a minor can be arrested, it is still an “aberration”.

“In such cases, even if a minor is apprehended by the police, they are only detained, and are eventually let off after some questioning,” said Anas Tanwir Siddiqui, Supreme Court advocate and founder of Indian Civil Liberties Union, reported ThePrint.

When the individual is not formally charged with crimes he is kept under detention. The individual is released after questionings. However, if the police arrested an individual that means he has been charged with a crime.

ThePrint said, “Advocate Rashadi alleged that the minor was kept in the Azamgarh district jail, later shifted to the juvenile.”

Rashadi said as  ThePrint reported, “Ideally, he should have been kept in the juvenile cell from Day 1. But he was shifted there once the lockdown began in the last week of March.”


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