Baba Ka Dhaba, From The Lost Business To On Zomato

Baba Ka Dhaba, From The Lost Business To On Zomato

On Thursday, Baba Ka Dhaba was a top trend on Twitter. A few days earlier, the video of an elderly man of Delhi, crying, went viral on social media. The man who has a Dhaba was teary as his business has been slow lately.

After the video went viral, a huge crowd gathered at his Dhaba, including AAP MLA, social media influencers, food bloggers to boost the business back.

After the video and huge gathering at his Dhaba, the man’s tears hanged into a smile. The old man’s name is Kanta Prasad. He has been on his business since 1988. His wife also runs Dhaba along with him.

He came to Delhi when he was 21 years old. He started to work as a fruit seller but as time passed by he started a Dhaba. His business was slow for years, but after the video, his eatery which offers dal chawal, paratha, tea, etc, gathered a huge crowd.

“For years, the work was slow. I ran it for 30 years making ends meet. But yesterday when I sat at my stall, I saw queues of people from NGOs, actors, people who just came to meet me. It was so overwhelming. I used to dream this when I was 21,” Prasad said. It was a dream-come-true moment for him.

God listens to you, he says. “Not now, but may be at 30, 40,50 or even at my age-80. But one day whatever you had wished for, with honesty would come to life making you dream further.”

On Thursday, for the whole day, Prasad’s Dhaba was filled with people having tea, ordering food and placing bulk orders. Some videos showed how a person was suggesting to him to hire someone for taking out the orders. At the day’s end, Baba ka Dhaba got listed on the food application Zomato.


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