Bihar Elections Cannot Be Postponed Because Of COVID, Says SC

Bihar Elections Cannot Be Postponed Because Of COVID, Says SC

Today, the Supreme Court said that the coronavirus outbreak cannot be the valid reason for stopping Bihar elections. The Supreme court said the above judgement after rejecting the petition which aCOVIDthe Bihar polls to be cancelled this year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Supreme Court said that COVID-19 cannot be the reason to stop elections and to interfere with the EC’s power.
The Supreme court also called the petition as “premature” as the petition did not have any notification which announces the dates of Bihar polls.

“This court cannot tell the Chief Election Commissioner what to do. He (CEC) will consider everything,” the judges said.
“No notification has been issued. How can we ask the Election Commission to not hold elections? COVID is not a valid reason for the postponement of the election.”

The court told the petitioner that the EC will take all safety measures for the Bihar elections which are due by November.

However, the petitioner said that the court should take a report from the Disaster Management of Bihar regarding the situation of the coronavirus in the state.

The judges said that the EC will take care of every situation.

Many opposite parties also have called the court to cancel the Bihar elections amid the coronavirus outbreak.
Nitish Kumar the CM of Bihar have been accused of conducting elections for political gains despite the Bihar being the coronavirus hit-state of the country.

The earlier week the EC provided new voting guidelines in the time of COVID-19, which included gloves for voters and door to door campaigning with only 5 people.

1,000 voters in maximum will be allowed to present at the polling booth at a time. Everybody’s body temperature will be taken record before they are allowed to enter into the polling booth. All the paperwork will be done online as per the guidelines.


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