Bihar Wedding Amid Pandemic- Groom Died, 111 Guests Positive

Bihar Wedding Amid Pandemic- Groom Died, 111 Guests Positive

A Bihar wedding transformed into a tragic event after getting caught in the coronavirus. Not only bridegroom died but guests more than 100 in numbers tested positive for COVID-19. The wedding held on June 15, and the groom died the next day even before testing him for COVID-19.

The broom from Paliganj had the wedding in the Patna, attended by around 350 guests amid the pandemic. The groom, an engineer based in Gurgaon, drove down for his big day. As per reports, he was not feeling well and he got worsened on his wedding day. He was treated at a Patna hospital for diarrhoea – a COVID-19 symptom – but his family reportedly forced him to take medicines and go ahead with the rituals.

More Than 50 People Attended The Bihar Wedding

Sri Kumar Ravi, Patna’s District Magistrate received an anonymous call regarding the case. Groom’s family performed the final rites. so his test could not be conducted.

Afterwards, the groom’s relatives developed coronavirus’ symptoms and finally tested positive of COVID-19. As soon as the infected number reached 15, camps were organized to find potential cases who attended the wedding or the funeral. Out of around 400 samples, 86 samples tested positive.

Further, the district magistrate passes an order to investigate weddings holding the function with more than 50 people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called on Indians to strictly follow precautions against COVID-19, including face masks and social distance.

The government’s directives, applicable to all regions of the country, state that weddings cannot have more than 50 guests. Those for funerals are restricted to 20.

So far, Bihar has 9,744 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Till now Bihar saw 62 deaths due to the COVID-19. 7,544 infected people in Bihar have recovered so far. On the other hand, Bihar accounts for the lowest number of COVID-19 tests done in the country. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has set his government a target of 15,000 tests per day.


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