BJP Leaders Hate Speeches Skipped In Delhi Riots Chargesheet

BJP Leaders Hate Speeches Skipped In Delhi Riots Chargesheet

Recently the charge sheet filed regarding Delhi riots had no specifying about the inflammatory speeches by BJP leaders. The charge sheet blamed CAA protestors only.

The charge sheet described the whole CAA events starting from 13 December till February 25. However, the police did not mention the inflammatory speeches given by BJP leaders including Kapil Mishra.

The document only mentions the role of the protesters, students of Jamia Milia University, those gathered at Shaheen Bagh and other places where protests against the CAA were on.

On February 23, Kapil Mishra started a rally supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act in northeast Delhi’s Maujpur area. The spot was near Jaffrabad, where a protest was on. He is also known for his tweets and posts regarding CAA.

“Chargesheet Mentioned Chronology Of Events. Skipped BJP Leaders’ Speeches”

In his rally he said Delhi police to clear the area’s road. However, he said that if the road is not cleared they would have to hit the streets. Hours later, clashes had broken out between the two groups, which spiralled over the next few days. Around 50 people, most of them Muslims died in the violence.

The comment given by Kapil Mishra collected a fire of criticism. The Delhi High court also has asked the police for their inaction against Kapil’s comments.

In one of the hearings, Justice S Muralidhar had been furious and asking the police: “Why shouldn’t there be an FIR against these four BJP leaders… including Union Minister, MP and MLA? You showed alacrity in registering FIRs for damages to property and arson. Why aren’t you registering it for these speeches? Don’t you even want to acknowledge the presence of a crime?”

Later the judge was transferred and started another controversy.

Going by the First Information Reports and arrests made by the police so far, the conspirators are activists or Muslim student leaders linked to the anti-CAA protests.

So far, the police have filed 783 First Information Reports and 70 charge sheets in the riots cases. More are expected in the coming days in view of the 90-day deadline.


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