Black Man Dead; Police Pinned Down Him By His Neck

Black Man Dead; Police Pinned Down Him By His Neck

On Tuesday, a viral video sparked anger in the US over African-Americans treatments by the police. The video showed a handcuffed black man dying while a Minneapolis officer knelt on his neck for more than five minutes.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey fired four police officers following the death in custody of George Floyd on Monday.
“Your knee in my neck. I can’t breathe… Mama. Mama,” unarmed, shirtless, Floyd pleaded.

Onlookers recorded the scene as Floyd, slowly grew silent and motionless. Further, not able to move even as the officers taunted him to “get up and get in the car.”

Later taken to a hospital, he was declared dead.

Angered Frey said the happened incident as wrong in every sense. He added, “For five minutes, we watched as a white officer pressed his knee into the neck of a black man.”
He further said that to be a black person in America should not be a death sentence.

Floyd’s death recalled the 2014 choking death of New Yorker Eric Garner by police, who was being detained for illegally selling cigarettes.

The Black Man Dying Incident- A “Pure Evil”

Black Lives Matter movement started after his death sparked outrage.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said he had passed the case to the FBI for further investigation. He added that this case could come under federal rights violation case.

However, US people raise mounting calls for the police officers arrested based on homicide charges.
An African American Minneapolis civil rights attorney, Nekima Levy Armstrong, tweeted the incident as pure evil. She further said to charge the involved officers and convict them of the murder.

Along with Floyd’s death, two other deaths of African-Americans that involved police wrongdoing came into the limelight.
In Louisville, on March 13, 3 white Kentucky policemen forced their way into the home of a black woman. The black woman, Breonna Taylor, was shot during her drug investigation.
The police and prosecutors in Brunswick, Georgia allegedly covered up the killing of a young black jogger by the son of a retired investigator for local law enforcement.
The police purportedly delayed for two months a video showing Ahmaud Arbery, 25, being followed and then shot with a shotgun in broad daylight.

Currently, the US has the most coronavirus cases surpassing China, originating place.


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