BMW Launches Contactless Experience, Digital-First Purchase Experience

BMW Launches Contactless Experience, Digital-First Purchase Experience


To deal with the COVID-19 crisis, every industry is thinking of the way to go contactless. likewise, BMW has launched an experience, which requires zero contact and digital purchasing, to its potential consumers. The sole aim is to serve the consumer, without them leaving their home, proving whole showroom experience.

The experience offered by BMW allows seeing all the BMW models on offer.

BMW made provides digital service in quite a simple way.

  • Visit the main page-

Buyers just have to visit the main page of the site, i.e. BMW online shop and sign in there and create a profile and finally, they can check their car which they wish to purchase or just for viewing.

  • Select your BMW and customize it to your liking-

After knowing what they want and settling their minds after reading specifications, they can have car ordered online after completing just a few formalities.

  • Select your nearest dealership-

Further, a dealer is selected which is suitable according to the customer’s location. This dealer will respond to all the queries which are product-related through a remote call.

  • Click buy option and get your car delivered at your doorsteps-

Finally after going through all the steps, when a customer is fully satisfied they can advance to purchase their car online and then the customer’s car will be delivered to their homes without letting them go outside.

BMW Launches Contactless Experience, Digital-First Purchase Experience

COVID Precautions

Now comes the delivery part which has also been taken care of by sanitizing the whole process as well as including the delivery time, a sanitized envelope consists of all the related documents is handed over the customer. These measures are to be adopted by manufacturers. To cope up with these quarantine times more ways of digital purchasing are to be introduced.

This initiative of BMW will give benefit to the company and also benefit the customers. Due to lockdown, chances are that customers will not be going to the showroom. What is there to see is if BMW will retain its contactless service even after the lockdown is uplifted.

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