Bridge Collapsed In Bihar Within 29 Days, Was Built At Rs. 263.47 Crores

Bridge Collapsed In Bihar Within 29 Days, Was Built At Rs. 263.47 Crores

The newly constructed Sattarghat bridge collapsed over river Gandak by the flood-water. The bridge was inaugurated by Bihar’s CM himself on June 16, and within 29 days it collapsed.

On Thursday, the Bihar’s opposition party pointed out the NDA Government of Nitish Kumar over the collapsing of the newly constructed bridge.

The long bridge was constructed at Rs. 263.47 crores.

Tejashwi Yadav the leader of the opposition party tweeted, “The Sattarghat bridge of Gopalganj built at a cost of Rs 263.47 crore in 8 years, was inaugurated by Nitish Ji on June 16. Today, 29 days later the bridge collapsed. Beware! If someone terms it corruption by Nitish ji. Rs 263 crore is for just a glimpse. Even their rats consume alcohol worth this amount.”

Dr Madan Mohan Jha, Bihar’s Congress chief also tweeted that the bridge was constructed on June 16 and got collapsed on July 15. He in his tweets also said that no rats are responsible for the falling of the newly constructed bridge.

Upon receiving criticisms the road construction department quickly denied the collapsed bridge and said that no damage was done to the bridge. “About two kilometres from the main bridge, on the side of Gopalganj, an approach road of 18 metres long bridge has been eroded by heavy water pressure of Gandak river. This bridge is situated inside the embankment area of Gandak. There is no damage to the bridge. The main bridge is absolutely safe and traffic will be restored on the road once water pressure reduces. There is no question of irregularities in its construction. This is a natural disaster,” said additional chief secretary, road construction department, Amrit Lal Meena.

The BJP also came in defence of chief minister as the road construction department is with the saffron party. “The RJD, which itself has specialised in corruption is making a false propaganda. CM Nitish Kumar’s target is to make corruption-free development. The bridge is completely safe only an approach road two kilometres ahead of bridge has been washed away. The minister of road construction department is an efficient minister who has brought revolution in road network. The RJD should publicly apologise for false propaganda,” said BJP spokesperson Nikhil Anand.


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