Can Coronavirus Reactivate?

Can Coronavirus Reactivate?

A new situation has arisen, where officials of South Korea, have announced that 91 patients who were cured of coronavirus disease, have tested positive again.

Director of KCDC, Jeong Eun-Kyeong, said that the virus must have “re-activated” rather than the patients getting “re-infected”.

Epidemiological investigations have been made, unsure of the reason behind the cured patients, testing positive again.
This is a global concern as it has been assumed that patients cured of coronavirus, must develop sufficient immunity to fight against this pandemic again.

7,000 Koreans are said to be recovered from the COVID-19, disease as a result of coronavirus.

Professor at Korean University, of infectious diseases, Kim Woo-Joo, has said that 91 number is merely the beginning, and it will keep on increasing.

There have been cases where a patient tests negative on one day and positive on the other day.

Coronavirus Reactivated?

Experts have said that test results could be faulty, or parts of the virus could have hidden inside the patients’ system but not posing any danger to the infected one or others.

Jung Ki-suck, professor at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, of pulmonary medicine, said that interpretations have been differing with many variables, and the government has to provide answers for each of the different variables.

Can Coronavirus Reactivate?

In February, South Korea had 900 cases daily, but on this Friday only 27 new cases were reported as per KDC. Total cases in South Korea so far have been 10,450.

However, the death rate since February has increased making it to 211 from seven.

Outside of China, Daegu city, which has the outbreak of coronavirus
has confirmed zero cases since February.

Total cases of South Korea which is 10,450, Deagu accounts for more than half of total confirmed cases in South Korea i.e at least 6,807.

This surge in cases in Daegu was due to COVID which spread in a church in February.

This sudden outbreak made South Korea have infected numbers much greater than any other country which includes China itself- the source of this disease. South Korea controlled this increase in numbers by enforcing social distancing and testing in large numbers. South Korea has so far tested 3,50,000 COVID-19 patients.

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