Children Die In Separate Quarantine Centres Across Chhattisgarh

Children Die In Separate Quarantine Centres Across Chhattisgarh

According to the officials, 3 children died in three different quarantine centres across Chattisgarh. Of the 3 deads, two were infants. Officials say that two of the three deaths were caused by asphyxiation while the children were being fed.

The three children aged 3 months, 4 months, and 18 months. The 4-month-old child died due to illness. Her COVID-19 test was awaited. She died on Thursday. The other two died on Wednesday. As per the sources they were “severely malnourished”.

All the three were children of migrant workers who had returned to the state after the lockdown was eased.

Reason for their deaths was the combination of overcrowding and heat at quarantine centres, according to officials. State Health Minister T S Singh Deo said “strict action” would be taken if any “lapses” were found at the centres but added that “the system is overburdened with the number of returning migrants”.

One of the dead’s family said that the girl being unwell was under treatment by local health workers. It further said that upon taking the ill girl to the hospital, she was left unattended, and now she is dead. 

Of The Three Dead Children, Two Were Severely Malnourished

According to the local officials, the dead girl’s parents denied parting with the body. They parted when they have been assured by police officers that it would be returned to them for the last rites. Finally, the body was carried out by a health worker in PPE.

According to sources, a severely malnourished child was admitted to the local hospital before she died due to asphyxiation while being fed milk.

Health Minister Deo said that the migrants’ transit should have been regulated, as reported by The Indian Express. He further said, as reported, that every system is limited. COVID-19 testing is slow due to insufficient labs. Setting up of new labs is in progress but it will take weeks. It further added that health ministers are pitting efforts to help people in quarantine centres with all facilities. The Indian Express reported further that seeing the current weather conditions, quarantined children should be provided with ORS sachets and water.


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