Chinese Woman Tests Covid-19 Positive After Recovering In February

Chinese Woman Tests Covid-19 Positive After Recovering In February

On Wednesday, health authorities reported that a 68-year-old Chinese woman tested for COVID-19 positive again after 6 months she recovered from the disease.

Patients testing coronavirus again raise a serious question regarding the time the pathogen takes to permanently eliminate from the body.

The infected Chinese woman got discharged in February after recovering, but on August 9 she tested positive again. According to the health authorities, she has been quarantined, and her close contacts have tested negative of the virus.

A virologist told Chinese state media that the people who recovered and again tested positive from COVID-19 are not infectious.

The virologist cited scientific studies to say that “re-positive” Covid-19 patients are not infectious.

Deputy director of the pathogen biology department at Wuhan University told the state-controlled tabloid Global Times that the virus’ density inside the patient would have been low, thus testing negative at the first place and later when density increased tested positive again for the coronavirus.

Wuhan’s Zhongnan hospital conducted a survey last week which said 90% of a sample group of recovered patients reported lung damage and 5% had been tested positive again.

A team at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University led by Peng Zhiyong, director of the hospital’s ICU has been conducting follow-up visits with ‘100 recovered patients’ ..

The results also showed that antibodies against the novel coronavirus in 10 per cent of the 100 patients have disappeared.

Five per cent of them received negative results in Covid-19 nucleic acid tests but positive results in Immunoglobulin M (IgM) tests, and thus have to be quarantined again, the report said.

As per the report, many recovered patients told that their families are not willing to have dinner with them at the same table.

China has curbed the spread of the coronavirus but it still is tackling new reports of infections arising in different cities of China.


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