Congress Secretary-Priyanka Gandhi’s Aide Book For ‘Forgery’

Congress Secretary-Priyanka Gandhi's Aide Book For 'Forgery'

On Tuesday, the UP police booked Vadra’s secretary and Ajay Kumar among others, as reported by PTI. A state minister blamed the Congress of ‘farzivada’. This happened on the list of buses arranged for stranded migrant labourers by Priyanka Gandhi.

This created a word fight between the UP government and the party. On Monday, the government of the Uttar Pradesh accepted the offer made by Congress. Offer talked about running 1,000 buses to bring migrant labourers back to the state. The government told the party to handover 1,000 buses to Lucknow officials before 10 AM on Tuesday.

PTI reported the state minister’s saying that upon checking they found that the buses had registration numbers of scooters, three-wheelers and goods carriers.

Siddharth Nath Singh: Congress Has No Sympathy For The Migrants

Alleging that the Congress had become the ‘farzivada’ of Priyanka, and Rahul Gandhi, Singh said they had no sympathy for the migrants and just wanted to politicise their issue.

The state minister says that due to the lockdown, thousands of workers are walking. Sending 1,000 empty buses to Lucknow is not only a waste of time and resources but is also inhuman and the product of an anti-poor mindset, he said.

In a tweet in the evening, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi urged that the state government should at least let the buses found fit by it to enter the state. She said there were 879 such buses. Accusing the UP government, she said that they are creating hurdles for stranded migrant labourers.

She further said that if the government is wishing to put BJP banners on the buses, then they can do so but let buses run.

Pramod Tiwari also warned the UP government to sue them for defamation.
Keshav Prasad, UP’s Deputy Chief Minister, accused the Congress of running a bus scam. He also tweeted in Hindi that the Congress is mocking at the migrant labourers. The tweet further said that Congress is providing autorickshaws and motorcycles instead of buses.
Ashok Singh said that if the UP government has any doubts regarding the 1,000 buses, then they can conduct physical verification of the vehicles at the state’s border.


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