Coronavirus Outbreak In India ‘Manageable’: Government

Coronavirus Outbreak In India 'Manageable': Government

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that in India the coronavirus outbreak is ‘limited and manageable.’ The ministry further said in a statement that measures taken by the Central government and the State government helped in reducing the COVID-19 numbers in India.

“At present, the actual caseload of COVID-19 patients is only 3,31,146,” the health ministry said. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu registered 48.15% of the total active caseload.”There has been a steady dip in the active cases, from around 45% in mid-June 2020 to around 34.18%, as of now,” it added.

The Centre organised door-to-door surveys, tracings, and active screenings to reveal the infected numbers and provide them with proper treatment. Considering the infected numbers, containment zones were created which helped in curbing the COVID-19 infection. The statement also said that following standard care protocol the number of COVID-19 recoveries increased in India.

COVID-19 testing facilities were created inside states as well as many states improved their health infrastructures. Recovery rates in India also increased by mapping out the elderly patients especially with any co-morbidities.

“There is a steady increase in the recovered patients and decline in the number of active cases,” the health ministry stated.

From the coronavirus at least 63.25 per-cent recovered thus leading the total recovered numbers to 6,12,814. In the past 24 hours around 20,000 people recovered from COVID-19 infection.

The difference between recovered patients and active COVID-19 cases increased to 2,81,668.

Across India, there are 1,381 hospitals meant to treat coronavirus patients. 

India witnessed a record spike in COVID-19 cases today. Over 32,000 people tested positive for the novel virus in the last 24 hours. The deadly novel coronavirus infected 9,68,876 people in India.

The death toll from coronavirus outbreak infection rose to 24,915 today, according to the data released by the ministry of health and family welfare.


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