Coronavirus Was Not Stopped In China But Could Have Been

Trump said that the coronavirus could have stopped if the people would have known about it

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, at a news conference complained that China is responsible for this outbreak and that it could have been stopped before it had spread globally and become a pandemic.

On March 19, Thursday, at White House news conference, Trump said that the coronavirus could have stopped if the people would have known about it. He further said that it could have been stopped from spreading right from the place where it emerged i.e. China, if we could have known about it, or if they have known about it. Worryingly he said that, now, it has affected the whole world and had turned into a pandemic.

While opening the conference, Trump again made use of the term “Chinese virus” which is offensive to Beijing people.

He made use of the world “inflicted” which echoed a Republic senator, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, who made Beijing responsible for the outbreak.

As per a photo on twitter by a photographer who is Washington based, in the notes which Trump had prepared for the conference on Thursday, Trump cut off the word “corona” from “coronavirus” and instead wrote “Chinese” above it with a black marker thus making it sound like the “Chinese coronavirus.”

Trump also warns China that, if this outbreak is done knowingly then China should be ready to face consequences, as Europe’s death toll surpasses 1 lacs. The government of Europe has extended the lockdown till May 3. Though Trump did not elaborate on what form this consequence will take.

While in US total cases accounts to 730,000 whereas death toll reaches to 39,000.

He said that the Chinese were even not happy with this outbreak and they were “ashamed” but if this outbreak was made on purpose then surely there would be consequences.

China on Sunday reported only 16 fresh confirmed cases. This number was the lowest since March 27. The number of confirmed cases in China has declined.

While the briefing was made in the white house, Trump interrupted the person who was comparing the death figures in different countries, saying that he did not believe in the figures given by China and Iran.

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