16 Countries Which Have Not Reported Any Coronavirus Cases

Countries Which Have Not Reported Any Coronavirus Cases

If the 193 countries, which are representatives of the United Nations, are examined to check the spread of coronavirus, as many as 16 members of the United States have not reported any positive cases of COVID-19 yet.

As the world is getting trapped by the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, there are still several countries that have not enrolled in even a single positive case of coronavirus since Dec 2019, when it first emerged in Wuhan, China.

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16 countries without reported COVID-19 infections 

Marshall Islands
North Korea
Solomon Islands

Among these 16 nations, some are likely to have not recognized positive cases of coronavirus, like North Korea or Yemen. However, there are countries where the virus has not recorded and most of these are small islands with few guests. Although these countries appear to have been largely scrimped so far, their central governments have not been satisfied.

Countries Which Have Not Reported Any Coronavirus Cases

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For instance, Nauru, a country located in the Pacific Ocean, is almost 200 miles (320km) from anywhere another place in the world. President Lionel Aingimea reports states that Nauru, with one hospital, has no ventilators and also has a shortage of nurses do not take any chance and applied “capture and containment” policy against coronavirus.

Nauru is not the only small Pacific country that has called off a national emergency, but Kiribati, Tonga, Vanuatu & other countries have also done the same

The Federated States of Micronesia declared a public health emergency, in late January. The Federated States of Micronesia enacted strict border control measures, including banning travelers from countries with positive coronavirus cases and restricting citizens from moving abroad to nations with recorded infections.

As per now, 184 countries all over the world have reported COVID-19 cases with 2,450,841 infections and 1,23,870 fatalities. –Source

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