COVID-19: India Partially Eases Lockdown, But Effort Falters

COVID-19: India Partially Eases Lockdown, But Effort Falters

The government has announced to ease the lockdown after it has been imposed by it due to the spread of COVID-19, disease by the coronavirus. This ease in lockdown includes the restarting of small industries to reboot the broken supply chain of the country.

Although the extended lockdown will last till May 3, the government announced that some activities will be revoked to protect further hammering of the economy.

Some industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and construction, where shifts can be run and workers isolated, and which employed millions of hard-hit poorer Indians, are to be revoked with strict provisions in this ease of lockdown.

India reported the highest number of cases accounting for 1,553 for total infected people of 17625. The death toll in India is 543 so far.

In Kolkata, a senior railway official told AFP that on Monday a third of the staff were meant to be returned but the attendance remained poor since most employees could not reach to work.

As fewer staff came for work in factories and the supply chain had also been disturbed, many factory operators said that they had difficulty resuming operations.
Ritesh Srivastava, who makes homeopathic medicines in Lucknow said that they are not able to operate as there is no raw material plus a ban on transportation and lack in availability of manpower.

Some smaller factories told that they couldn’t comply with stringent workplace requirements for workers who are returning and they fear being blamed if staff fell ill.
While others said that it is pointless to restart the operations without any demand for their goods.

Many people who are out of work are finding it difficult to feed their families and themselves.
Cable TV repairman Rohit Sharma in Noida city, near Delhi, said that they were told that some sectors will resume work after the easing of lockdown but the reality is much different.

Migrant laborers are prevented from traveling by closing state and territory borders.
Kerala authorities are praised for their success in curbing the spread of coronavirus. On Monday several measures to ease restrictions – including opening up restaurants – after criticism from the central government were made.

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