COVID Toes Among Kids: New Symptom Of Novel Coronavirus

COVID Toes Among Kids: New Symptom Of Novel Coronavirus

There is now a new symptom to identify a COVID-19 patient as per dermatologists mainly in Europe and America. This new symptom of coronavirus is seen in infected kids and young adults. An inflammation in toes and feet was found by dermatologists in Italy during March. Discoloration of the organ of patients, suffering from COVID-19, was also found.

Frostbite or pernio resembles this symptom very much. Frostbite or pernio is a condition found among people living in harsh winters in polar and sub-polar regions. Here blood vessels in the toes get aggravated inflammation and toes tend to have a serious spasm.

COVID Toes‘ is the term given for this condition because dermatologists found it to be most prevalent in areas with a high concentration of Covid-19 patients, in Italy.
Recently, areas that are severely affected by the coronavirus are reporting this condition of ‘COVID Toes’ mainly in the US, Boston.

Kids visiting Doctors who are associated with the American Academy of Dermatology and are having ‘COVID Toes’ are now recommended for the coronavirus test.

COVID Toes Among Kids: New Symptom Of Novel Coronavirus

In Italy, kids who were having ‘COVID Toes‘ did not show any of the previously known symptoms of COVID-19. This relation between ‘COVID-19’ and ‘COVID Toes’ was hotly debated among dermatologists and the medical professionals on and off social media.

This new coronavirus has become pandemic now because it lives on asymptomatic patients of Covid-19. Health agencies are battling with people who are symptomatic but the real struggle has been to identify those Covid-19 patients who don’t show symptoms. This situation has compelled countries to check their death tolls due to this disease once again.

On the other side, asymptomatic patients may not be truly asymptomatic. Symptoms like a sudden loss of smell or taste or having a pink eye are now recognized atypical symptoms – atypical as the symptoms common for COVID-19 are still dry cough, tiredness, fever, sore throat, and respiratory problems.

This is because humans have not yet fully know the new coronavirus. A very large range of illnesses show symptoms like fever, cough, sore throat, and tiredness. Fever is the most common of them all, as it simply reflects that something is not fine within the body.
WHO warns that this novel coronavirus will stay for very long, and with these incomings of new symptoms might agree with that.

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