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With everything going digitalized, one needs to keep his or her presence on digital platforms for different purposes. If someone likes to write and want people to read his work, he has to maintain a blog or website for the same. If someone is planning to start a business, no matter what he is providing to the customer, he needs to make a website to reach his audience. And, if someone wants to get a good job in some company, he needs to maintain his profile and achievements on some online platform so that more employers can reach him and he can get a desirable job.

Create Free Website with Wix

For all these purposes, one needs to make a website and maintain that, it’s just that easy. There is no need to wander here and there. But the problem lies in making a website. For a website, we need a proper domain name which we have to purchase from different domains providing companies. We hardly get the domain of our choice from these companies, so we have to make a compromise with the available domains. Then we need to give monthly or annual fees to the company to keep that domain active.

To avoid all these issues, there is a platform on which you can make a website for free with the desired domain. There is no need to pay any fee. You just have to focus on maintaining our website and not on its subscription fees and all.

That platform is known as WIX and it is highly recommendable by the people who are using it. It is very easy to make a website on this platform. You can choose the themes and graphics as you want. You don’t need to be a pro to make a website on WIX.

Steps to Make Website on WIX

Follow these easy steps to make a website of your own on WIX, the one you always desired for:

Step I: Create a WIX Account

Go to the official website of WIX which is Register your account by clicking “Get Started” and enter the required details. There will appear some questions about the website you want to create what you need to answer. After answering them, you can now login with your registered details.

Step II: Create Website Using WIX’s ADI

If you are new at creating a website then you can choose WIX’s Artificial Intelligence Designer (ADI) which will automatically design the website for you. But if you have basic knowledge of website designing, you can skip this step and can choose your template.

Step III: Choose Website Template

Now choose a template that suits your idea behind making the website. You can filter the category of templates and check how it will look by seeing the demo. Once you are done with choosing the template, edit it.


Step IV: Customize the Website using WIX Editor

After selecting the template for your website, you can edit the site by using WIX Editor. WIX Editor consists of a simple drag and drop method. For more options, you can check the menu and look for your desired features.

Step V: Add New Functionality using WIX Apps

There are several WIX Apps that you can use to categorize your website and focus on the goal of making the website. Apps currently available are:

  • Instagram Feed: You can show your Instagram images and videos by using this app.
  • WIX Events: If you are working for event businesses, you can create and manage events online.
  • Online Store: This is an E-Commerce app that lets you turn your website into an online store.

Step VI: Publish your Website

Check if you want to make any changes then make it. Now, your website is ready to launch. Press the Publish button, you will be asked to choose the domain before publishing. Choose the domain you always wanted to have. Hence, you got your website.

Making a Website using WIX is this simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!