Cyber Criminals Leaked Personal Details Of 29.1 M Indians In Deep Web

Cyber Criminals Leaked Personal Details Of 29.1 M Indians In Deep Web

Recently, Cyber criminals- Hackers, leaked the personal data of at least 29.1 million Indian job seekers on the dark web for free. An online intelligence firm, Cyble, came across a 2.3 GB file. That file included the personal information of jobless people globally, searching for jobs. The personal information included phone numbers, qualifications, address among other ‘static’ things.

According to the reports, on May 23, a published blog showed the bulk of excel sheets. These sheets started with file names ranging from Karnataka to Delhi. However, the source of the leak is still unknown. The company is still investigating on it which appears to have been originated from a resume aggregator.

Cyble has indexed this information at – Cyble’s data breach monitoring and notification platform.

The official comment said, “Cyble researchers have identified a sensitive data breach on the dark web where an actor has leaked personal details of ~29 Million Indian Job Seekers from the various states.”

 Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for such personal information to conduct various nefarious activities such as identity thefts, scams, and corporate espionage.

Cyble further said in a statement that their team is taking this investigation further. Adding it said that they will be updating their article as they bring more facts to the surface.

Cyble Earlier Exposed The Leaked Personal Information BY Cyber Criminals

Recently, the same company revealed a hacker that leaked the personal information of at least 40 million users on a popular mobile application. That application allows its users to compare two items. As reported earlier the leaked data price at 0.85 bitcoin which is approximately equal to $8,000. Cyble acquired the entire database. As per the researchers, the collected database is the ‘largest data breach’ on the dark web. 

The company said, “This leaked database includes detailed information such as email addresses, names, usernames, phone numbers, geographic locations, genders, social media profiles, passwords of around 40 million user accounts.”


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