Cybercriminal Puts Up Truecaller Records Of 4.75 Cr Indians On Sale

After Indian jobseekers information leaked on the dark web, now a cybercriminal has put on sale records of 4.75 crore Indians. According to Cyble these records on sale are claimed to be sourced from online directory Truecaller. These records are on sale for about Rs 75,000, according to online intelligence firm Cyble. However, a Truecaller spokesperson denied any breach of its database. He further said that it is a compiled database which is being sold by using the name of the company so that the data look credible.

Cyble in a blog said, “Our researchers have identified a reputable seller, who is selling 47.5 million Indians Truecaller records for USD 1,000about Rs 75,000). The data is from 2019. We were also taken off by surprise with such a low price point.”

The records on sale consist of users private information like phone numbers, city, gender, Facebook Id, mobile network and many more.

Cyble said that their researchers are moving forward with their estimations. However, it further added that this leak will affect Indian users for identity thefts, spams, scams, and many more. It further said that they will update their blog after further information.

Truecaller Spokesperson: No Breach In Data By Cybercriminal

When contacted, a Truecaller spokesperson denied any breach in the database. He further said that they take the privacy of their users seriously. He added that they continuously keeping an eye for any doubtful activities.

The spokesperson informed that in May 2019, the company obtained similar information of the data breach. He added that the data from the previous information matches with the present data.

“It’s easy for bad actors to compile multiple phone number databases and put a Truecaller stamp on it. By doing that, it lends some credibility to the data and makes it easier for them to sell,” said the spokesperson. Further, he urged all the public and users to not to fell in the trap of such poor actors. These actors main motive is to cheat peoples’ money, he said further.

The personal data leaked by the cybercriminal leads to various evil activities such as identity thefts, scams, and corporate espionage.

In the last week, Cyble spotted a leak of personal data by cybercriminals on the dark web.  2.9 crore Indians’ personal data sold on the dark web sourced from job websites.


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