Dalit Man Beaten To Death In Uttar Pradesh Over Rumour

Dalit Man Beaten To Death In Uttar Pradesh Over Rumour

Earlier this week, in Uttar Pradesh, a 45-year old Dalit man was beaten. The man died in the hospital later after he was beaten by a group of 5 men at his home in Manipuri. The man got beaten over some rumours. The incident that happened was caught on the camera.


On Twitter, Samajwadi Party shared a video which showed Sarvesh Diwakar being harassed by a group of five men. He was being harassed on the terrace of his rented house. The attackers were beating Sarvesh even though he was pleading for mercy. They beat Sarvesh until he fell unconscious and fell on the ground.


Moreover, in the tweet, the Samajwadi Party said that the attackers were of the right-wing group Bajrang Dal. However, the police denied the claim and said that the people who got arrested do not have any political connection.


As per reports, the attack took place after the circulation of a rumour that the Dalit man has sold his daughter.


However, it later got cleared that Suresh Diwakar sent his daughter to live with one of his relatives, as Suresh was facing financial problems. He sent his daughter away in Noida so that she could be taken care of. However, his neighbours heard something else that Sarvesh sold his daughter.


After Sarvesh was assaulted, he lay injured on the road for many hours. Nobody took him to the hospital until the police arrived. Later, he was taken to a hospital only when the police reached the spot.


Based on the video, the police said that they have arrested four persons. Earlier, before this incident, at a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar district, an angry mob thrashed a man to death, in the presence of police. The police arrived there after he was accused of shooting a school teacher who died later.


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