Dalit Woman Gang-Raped By Four Upper Caste Men Dies

On September 14, a Dalit woman of 19 years age from Uttar Pradesh died at a hospital in New Delhi after she was gang-raped by four upper-caste men in Hathras district.

15 days ago after the incident, the victim was admitted to the hospital. Her tongue was cut off with severed injured spinal cord, along with other serious injuries. She was shifted to Aligarh hospital firstly for treatment and was later moved to Safdurjung hospital in Delhi.

According to the police, the victim, the Dalit woman was dragged into a field and gang-raped. Using a dupatta she was also strangled.

Those four men of upper-caste were of the village in Hathras district. They were charged with gang-rape and attempt to murder along with charges under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. These four men have been arrested.

On September 23, the victim provided the statement based on which those 4 men were arrested. She briefly regained consciousness on that day. She had accused three men – Sandeep, his uncle Ravi (35) and their friend Luv Kush, of committing the crime.

The Indian Express reported that the victim’s mother, who had gone with her to a field nearby to cut grass for their cows before the incident took place. It added as the victim’s mother told, “I was sitting 100 metres from her. I could have saved her. I wish I wasn’t hard of hearing.”

The family alleged the main accused, Sandeep, and his family had “always harassed Dalits in their area”. Nearly two decades ago, Sandeep’s grandfather had been booked under the SC/ST Act and served three months in prison for allegedly thrashing the victim’s grandfather over a petty issue.

The victim’s brother said the incident of 19 years ago had left rancour between the families, “but nothing ever happened”. “They are upper castes and have always called us names. We ignore them. Sandeep is an alcoholic who harasses women, but nobody ever files a complaint,” he said, reported Indian Express.


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