Delhi Govt Replaces “MARKAZ” With “Special Operations”

Delhi Govt Replaces

The Delhi Government has recently dropped the bulletin naming ‘Markaz’, and replaced it with ‘Special Operations’. This was the result after, the Delhi Minorities Commission have written a letter, to The Health Minister, regarding the dropping of this bulletin as it was provoking, and was calling of social boycotting of Muslims.

After the event, which held at Markaz, Tablighi jamaat, Nizamuddin has occurred as a hotspot for COVID last year, as many positive COVID cases were found.

As per the bulletin, released by the Government, on Saturday, the total number of people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 has reached 1069 in Delhi alone. 166 fresh cases were found within 24 hours. The death toll due to this infected stands at 19, with 5 fresh cases reported on Saturday.

The letter, written by Zafarul Islam, mentioned that releasing a bulletin, by the name ‘Markaz’ will lead to Islamophobia. He called this action ‘thoughtless’ that will lead to attacks on Muslims. He further mentioned the lynching act that was carried on a boy of North-West Delhi, after the Markaz event.

The DMC letter has further added that the WHO has been seeing this pandemic differently. WHO has asked the countries, not to relate this pandemic with any religion. This disease spreads globally irrespective of race and nationality.

Delhi Govt Replaces "MARKAZ" With "Special Operations"

After 10 people had died due to the coronavirus and who have attended the Tablighi Jamaat, there have been accusations on them, of spreading the Coronavirus that have emerged from Wuhan.

According to the estimations, this Tablighi Jamaat was attended by more than 2,000 people. They were under one roof, without following social distancing.

Report by the Health said that from all the patients, cured and discharged number remains at 27 with one person being migrated.
“Total 1,102 patients are in hospitals. While 50 are in the ICU, six are on ventilators and 20 are on oxygen,” the Health report added.

People who attended the event were from various parts of the country and from outside the country as well.
A sudden increase in numbers was seen after all the Tablighi jamaats were tested. They traveled to different parts of the country, some of them carrying the virus with them.

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