Delhi Riots Chargesheet: 17,000 Pages Names Only Anti-CAA Protesters

Delhi Riots Chargesheet: 17,000 Pages Names Only Anti-CAA Protesters

Fifteen names have been mentioned in the charge sheet filed by the police regarding the North-east Delhi riots. However, the names mentioned in the filed charge sheet are of Anti-CAA protestors only and none of the names belongs to the side who were favouring CAA.

The 17,500-page filing which includes more than 2,600 pages describing the charges put up against the accused with more than thousands of pages of annexures.

Among those named are suspended AAP Councillor Tahir Hussain and a number of student activists. Moreover, the police said that their investigation regarding the case is still going on. They also expect to file a supplementary charge sheet against the accused who have not yet been named.

“These conspirators were in direct touch with the foot soldiers that resulted in the riots in North East Delhi in February,” the police told the court, adding two WhatsApp groups were used to engineer the riots in Seelampur and Jafrabad that saw some of the worst violence.

“Conspirators planned the riots while middle ring of leaders at the area level executed the plan through the foot soldiers,” the police said, claiming that students walked some 20 km to participate in the protests.

The police told the court that the protest was not democratic from the beginning. It was for instigating violence, added Delhi police. However, in the beginning, there were only roadblocks as a sign of protest rather than violence.

Between February 23 and 26 in North East Delhi, there have been clashes between the supporters of the law and those opposing it. These clashes resulted in killing 53 people and hundreds were injured. Ever since the Delhi saw anti-Sikh riots in 1984, this north-east violence was the worst.

The Delhi Police has been criticized for reporting the names which only belong to the Anti-CAA protestors. The Delhi police report to the central government. Their roles during the riots were also under scrutiny.


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