Delhi’s Food Scheme For The Poor Is Better On Paper Than On The Ground: The Wire

Delhi's Food Scheme For The Poor Is Better On Paper Than On The Ground: The Wire

Amid the lockdown imposed by the Government, people are facing hunger and poverty. To make sure that essentials are reached to the needy, the Government is making efforts. Recently, the Delhi Government has launched E-coupons to meet the needy with essentials. 

As reported by The Wire, Laxmi is a homemaker who has been going from one municipal school to others to get the free rations being distributed, by the Delhi government, during the lockdown. But, she has not received any ration, as she was told, that she was too late to reach, as reported by The Wire. On 26 April, Laxmi was told that she had already received her ration, but she has not received any.

Delhi government has announced the Delhi Corona Sahayata Yojana which is for non-public distribution system ration distribution. In this yojana e-coupons have been given to the needy, guaranteeing rations of four kilos of rice, 1kg of wheat, 1kg of refined oil, 1kg of chana, 1kg of sugar, 1kg of salt, 200 grams of Haldi powder, 200 grams of dhania powder, 200 grams of chili powder and two 65-70 gram bars of soap.

While this looks good on paper, the distribution of these essentials is filled with flaws. 

Many other cases like Laxmi have faced the flaws of this paperwork including a migrant worker, Arun Verma, who lined up for his rations every day from April 10 to April 26 and finally, on April 27, the school authorities told him he had already received his rations and shooed him away.

Delhi's Food Scheme For The Poor Is Better On Paper Than On The Ground: The Wire

As reported by The Wire, it has been heard that there is no food distribution at places that were meant to provide rations but the records of Delhi government show that even on those places food is being distributed.

The launching of e-coupons by the Delhi Government ensures that people who are not having ration cards are still obtaining their rations. Application to obtain e-coupons requires an Aadhar Card number, an OTP, and the person should be efficient in the e-application process. However, this action of e-coupons launching defies its purpose as people who are in most need to obtain these essentials which are daily wage workers, household workers are either not well versed with the E-application process, or they have no Aadhaar number. Even some have changed their mobile number linked with Aadhar thus refraining them from obtaining the required OTP.

As reported by The Wire, a resident of Narela, Istekar Har has not been able to collect rations for the whole family because there is a problem with the Aadhaar records for one member of his family and since no one in the family has received wages since March, this family of three is surviving on rations meant for two.


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