Digital Doctors Of Indonesia Uses “Telehealth” To Fight Coronavirus

Digital Doctors Of Indonesia Uses

COVID-19, the disease, has forced lockdown almost globally. Due to a large number of people getting infected with this disease doctors have to double their work time, to cope with the large number.

Dr. Mohd Risandi Priatama has treated 10 people in the past month, at a red zone, West java hospital. He has provided many consultations over the app “Aldotker”.

He told Reuters that their district has very limited facilities related to health care, so to get more information without people visiting the hospitals, telehealth service, plays a major role.

The government is inclined to telehealth services as people can get medical guidance, doctor consultation for free via text, call or video, and can get prescribed medication and their delivery as well at their homes.

Nathanael Faibis the Chief Executive of Aldotker has said that emergency rooms are being allotted only to the priority patients, as hospitals are so packed up, online health services will play a major role in solving this issue.

“Telehealth” Against Coronavirus

Further, he said that 500,00 consultation was provided freely since Indonesia has faced its first coronavirus case i.e. since 2 march.
Grab health added by saying that through telehealth, consultation has been doubled up to 10,000 daily.

Digital Doctors Of Indonesia Uses "Telehealth" To Fight Coronavirus

Many big countries like China, the US, Europe are inclining towards online health services due to this pandemic. Ping An Good Doctor is one of the leading online health services. US leader Teladoc Health Inc. has 10,000 consultations weekly.

Officials have said that only patients who are having mild symptoms will be allowed to have online consultation and rest are to be referred directly to hospitals.

Mr. Terawan Agus Putlanto, from the ministry of health, said that patients who are in self-isolation will be benefitted from this online service as they are not required to visit the hospital directly.

Mr. Ridwan Kamil, West Java governor has said that patients will not have to visit the hospital over a small symptom, rather they can use services provided online. This service will also help people who are not visiting the hospital due to the fear to get in contact with already infected ones.

One woman patient in Jakarta said that she could not go to the hospital as it was overcrowded. Halodoc was the telehealth service she referred to and was prescribed the medicines.

These telehealth services are surely an advantage for places lacking the healthcare doctors, but places with lack of internet are not to be forgotten.

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