Discrimination Against Muslims Vendors During Coronavirus Lockdown

Discrimination Against Muslims Vendors During Coronavirus Lockdown

A global pandemic has put the whole nation in a lockdown. Amidst the lockdown, there are certain activities held by people “knowingly” or “unknowingly”, which results in the breaking of the “essential” lockdown.

Recently at Markaz, near the Nizamuddin area of Delhi, Tabligh Jamaat conducted an event during which lockdown gets imposed. As they were stranded there in groups thus resulting in the breaking of much needed “social-distancing”, to curb the spread of coronavirus. Upon testing them, positive cases were found, thus contributing to the percentage of positive cases among the people who are being tested.

After this unfortunate incident, people are fed with fake news, thus raging them to go against the whole Muslim community thus raising issues of islamophobia.

Some activists condemned the discrimination which is being done on Muslims. The statement by them said that they are broken to know that vendors continue to be intimidated and physically attacked in various parts of the country. Spurge of misinformation and propaganda campaigns, which are being run by agents who are motivated to spread hatred via social media, responsible for these incidents. The statement further read that these fake news are Muslim oriented, thus leading such incidents, which target the Muslim communities.

There have been rumors that Muslim vendors are spitting on food items before selling them.

Discrimination Against Muslims Vendors During Coronavirus Lockdown

It further said that in some localities vendors are being discriminated by not allowing to sell fruits or vegetables.

It said that punishments by law should be made for such acts as outlined in Section 153(A) and Section 295(A) of the Indian Penal Code. To make sure that there is no such discrimination again there should be a dedicated police helpline number for Muslim vendors or essential service providers so that they can launch complaints of discrimination and prohibition.

People are afraid that spreading such rumors will generate a spark in Muslim dominated localities and will trigger riots.

Muslim vendors are facing troubles due to these discriminations and even they are being called by names.

The Government must carry out awareness campaigns against these discriminations as demanded by the group and people must be made aware of the contribution of the vendors during the pandemic.


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