Doldrums Of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Undr Akash Anand

Akash Anand BSP

Bahujan Samaj Party(BSP) is one among the main parties of Uttar Pradesh and 3rd largest in country considering the vote share. Formed in 1984 by Manyavar Kanshiramji, the party eventually rose to power in 90’s under the leadership of Behan Kumari Mayawati. With 3 short term formation of government in 90’s, the name BSP becomes known to everyone. Mayawati as it’s main leader was symbolised as a India’s only Dalit leader. The party reached it’s peak in the year 2007 forming a full majority government in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The same year party was declared as a national party after only Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party.

Eventually after 2012 Uttar Pradesh election, party started loosing it’s grip among people. The main reason behind this is anti-incumbency at state level and rising level of nationalism at Central level. People wanted a change in central government due to failure of Congress in tackling rampant corruption. As a result of which people voted a full majority bjp government under Narendra Modi, in the wake of rising nationalism and Hinduism. Bahujan samaj party couldn’t even manage to get even a single seat in 2014 Lok Sabha Election. This is the start of downfall of BSP. The debacle continued even in 2017 UP assembly election.

One of the main reason of downgrade of BSP is loosing it’s hold on it’s core vote Bank of dalit people. Party president Mayawati was seen unreachable by poor dalit people. No major work was done by the party for the bahujans. Major BSP leaders including Nasimuddin siddiqui, Swami Prasad maurya left the party. Many big leaders joined Bhartiya Janta Party. All dalit vote bank shifted to BJP.

Now in times when government is trying to subdue all dissent, other young leaders emerged in uttar Pradesh and subsequently become choice of people. One main leader is Chandra Shekhar Aazad Ravan. A young and fierce leader from Western UTTAR PRADESH has become a well known name in indian politics. These types of leaders are threatening the presence of BSP. Mr Raavan is a leader  who was always there on road with bahujan and minorities. But people from BSP were never seen among people. They are only condemning the government on social media which was not enough. People from dalit and minorities now wants to vote for those who stand with them irrespective of party line.

One main problem what BSP is facing right now is leadership vacuum. Mayawati in 2017 declared her nephew AAKASH AANAND as her successor. AAKASH being a politically and economically sound family got the opportunity to study abroad. After completing his studies he came back and was declared a Scion of BSP. He failed in 2017 election as well as 2019 election. Mainly because poor and marginalized people of uttar Pradesh wants their leader to be grounded and understand their plight. They wants their leader to be present among them unlike AAKASH AANAND who never took any “Padyatra” or rallied across UTTAR PRADESH.

If AAKASH AANAND wants to present himself as a mass leader, one thing he has to do is to be present among people during their difficult times just like any other leader. He will have to strengthen the old organisation of BSP. Overall BSP must present itself as a flag bearer of Bahujan movement in india.

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