DS Bindra Linked With Delhi Riots, ‘Is Langar A Crime?’ :The Quint

The Delhi police filed a charge sheet on DS Bindra regarding the death of a constable. The Quint reported what DS Bindra told, “What wrong have I committed? Is serving langar a crime?” The constable named Ratan Lal died and now Bindra’s name is associated with it. Bindra’s has been charged with FIR60 mentioning his name.

The Quint reported that Bindra is an advocate based in Delhi. He was highlighted after he put up langar amid the CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh. It further told that Bindra also organised the langar at the Chandbagh, another anti-CAA protest site.

Bindra denied from his involvement in the Delhi riots, reported The Quint. The Quint wrote what Bindra said, “All I did was to put up a Langar. I only did what my faith taught me, what our Gurus taught us. I don’t understand why I am being targeted because of that.”

What Does the Charge Sheet Say About DS Bindra?

The Quint further reported what charge sheet said, “The riot at this site was the handiwork of DS Bindra, Salman Siddiqui, Salim Khan, Salim Munna, Shahdab and Athar and others in cahoots with local rioters.”

However, Bindra denied these accusations.

It further wrote that many testimonies alleged Bindra’s involvement in Anti-CAA protests.

The first is from constables Sunil and Gyan Singh who, according to the charge sheet, beat officers in the area, reported The Quint.

“They are beat officers and had been regularly visiting the protest site and according to them Salim Khan, Salim Munna, DS Bindra, Suleman Siddiqui, Ayub, Athar, Shahdab, Upasna, Ravish and others were organisers of the protest site,” the charge sheet says as wrote by The Quint.

According to one Akram Ahmad, as reported by The Quint, Bindra along with others requested him to set up the tent arrangements for the protest and one Dushyant Kishore said that Bindra asked him to prepare langar.

The charge sheet also cites nearly identical testimonies by Najam Ul Hassan, Toukir and Salman alias Guddu regarding Bindra’s role, added The Quint.

The Quint further said what charge sheet says, “DH Bindra requested locals to carry out a demonstration against CAA and he said that ‘I will put up langar and medical camp. The entire Sikh community is with you. If you don’t come forward then your fate will be similar to that of Sikhs in 1984”.


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