Earthquake Of Low-Intensity With Magnitude 2.1 Hits Delhi

Earthquake Of Low-Intensity With Magnitude 2.1 Hits Delhi

On Monday, the news agency PTI reported an earthquake that hit New-Delhi. It quoted the National Centre for Seismology (NCS) that the earthquake was of low intensity with a magnitude of 2.1.

The NCS said that the Delhi-Gurgaon border served as the epicentre of the earthquake. The earthquake occurred at 1 pm with a depth of 18 kilometres. As per the reports of PTI, since April, Delhi-NCR has recorded more than 14 quakes of low and medium intensity.

In the last month, two earthquakes hit Haryana within an hour. Delhi felt those tremors too.

The first one with a magnitude of 4-5 was felt in Rohtak on May 29 at 10 pm. This was followed by another earthquake that struck on the same day at 10 pm. However, both earthquakes were shallow.

An Earthquake Of Magnitude 2.5 Hit Delhi

A 2.5 magnitude earthquake with its epicentre in Faridabad district was recorded by the National Centre for Seismology at 4.24 pm a day before evening.
There was another mild quake on May 15 of 2.2 magnitudes with its epicentre at 9 km from central Delhi.

On May 10, people in Delhi and nearby areas felt tremors when a 3.4 magnitude earthquake occurred with its epicentre in Sonia Vihar.

Two earthquakes were also reported on two consecutive days in Delhi in April.
Moreover, Delhi falls under high-risk seismic zones. Its border towns are observer to mushrooming growth of high rise private buildings, plenty of them which do not adhere to mandatory guidelines of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) set for earthquake-resistant construction.

Professor Chandon Ghose of IIT Jammu earlier said that intense tremors can have a serious impact on Delhi. Chandon is an expert on earthquake engineering. He further said that twin terrors attacked Delhi on Friday, were 4.5 magnitudes. He added that if this magnitude was a bit higher, Delhi would have suffered. At Richter scale 6.0, the effect of the earthquake in Delhi would be devastating, he said. Many buildings would be razed to dust.

However, Seismologists say that it is common for Delhi and its neighbouring states to have these earthquakes. They say that due to the lockdown, people are at home thus they can feel low magnitude earthquakes. With COVID-19 pandemic and the imposed lockdown, there is less noise due to less traffic.


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