Elephant In Kerala Dies, Locals Fed Her Fruit With Fire-Crackers Inside

Elephant In Kerala Dies, Locals Fed Her Fruit With Fire-Crackers Inside

On 27 May, a pregnant elephant died in Kerala, standing in water. Some locals fed her a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers. The fruit then exploded into her mouth thus leading to her death.

This news spread when a Mohan Krishnan went to rescue the elephant. He is a forest officer and part of the Rapid Response Team in northern Kerala’s Malappuram district.

The wild elephant in search of food left the forest and roamed near a village.
The fruit which led to the explosion had severely injured the elephant’s mouth. The elephant walked around the village, in searing pain and hunger.

The elephant then walked to the Velliyar River and stood with her mouth and trunk in the water. She did this act to provide herself with some relief from injuries. The forest officer narrated the incident in a Facebook post on May 30.

Two captive elephants, Surendran and Neelakanthan, were brought to bring her out of the water but after several attempts, she died at 4 pm on 27 May.
The elephant cremated inside the forest.

The Elephant Was Cremated In A Pyre

“She needs to be given the farewell she deserves. For that, we took her inside the forest in a lorry. She lay there on firewood, in the land she played and grew up,” the forest officer said. He further said that he was informed by the doctor who did the elephant’s post-mortem, that the elephant was not alone. He added that he could feel the doctor’s sadness despite him wearing the mask. “We cremated her in a pyre there. We bowed before her and paid our last respects,” the forest officer said.

This incident has led to wide outrage with many slamming the locals for the brutal animal abuse. Actors and IFS officers took to social media to condemn the act and expressed shock and concern. Many even lamented how ‘humans deserved to be cursed with a virus’ because of such inhuman acts.

“Just read this. This elephant grew up there, was known as good. Even after injury she didn’t crush a single house or human. She went to river & stood. They tried to rescue her with two elephants but couldn’t save,” wrote an IFS officer.


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