Expat Bill: 8 Lakh Indians May Have To Leave Kuwait

Expat Bill: 8 Lakh Indians May Have To Leave Kuwait

Kuwait’s National Assembly committee has passed a draft for Expat quota bill. With this adoption of the bill a total of eight lakh Indians may be forced to leave Kuwait.

According to the bill, Indians should not exceed 15% of the population. As the Indian community constitutes the largest Expat community in Kuwait so this could lead in 8 lakhs Indians to leave Kuwait, the Gulf News reported, citing a Kuwaiti newspaper.

Due to the fall in oil prices and the pandemic, there have been official calls to reduce the number of foreigners in Kuwait.

“I understand that we recruit doctors and skilled manpower and not unskilled laborers. This is an indication that there is a distortion. Visa traders have contributed in increasing this figure,” Ghanem the speaker said.

According to the report, the speaker said that this law will apply a cap to the number of Expats. The foreigner number must decrease eventually by 70 per-cent this year and then by 65 per-cent, and so on, said the speaker.

Expat Bill Will Reduce Indians In Kuwait To 15% Of Kuwait’s Population

As per Kuwait’s Indian embassy around 28,000 Indians work for the Kuwaiti Government as a nurse, scientists, and engineers in national oil companies. The majority of Indians are involved with private sectors along with many Indian students studying in Indian schools in the country.

Now the bill will be transferred to the corresponding committee to create a comprehensive plan. Not only India but other countries will have the same quotas.

Kuwait’s COVID-19 cases belong majorly to foreigners. COVID-19 spreads easily among migrant workers who are living in overcrowded housing.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 49,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Kuwait. More than five lakh people have died globally due to COVID-19. Globally, more than 11 million people have been infected with the coronavirus.

Due to the Pandemic, Indians already lost their jobs and now the Expat bill will be devastating for Indians.


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