Extension Of Coronavirus Lockdown In India

Extension Of Coronavirus Lockdown In India

The lockdown which was imposed nationally has been extended for two more weeks i.e. till the end of March. This step by Government ha been taken because of the huge surge of infected people, breaking the record, 1,000 people infected with this virus within 24 hours.

Prime Minister has asked states to follow all the safety steps including social distancing. He has shifted his focus from ” Jaan hai to Jahaan hai” to “Jaan Bhi, Jahaan Bhi”. This implies that livelihood is as important as life is.

Officials have said that nation will be divided into three zones- red, orange, and green, as per the situation during the extended lockdown. Safe zones will have relaxation in some functionalities whereas high-risk areas will be in complete lockdown. Officials added that schools and colleges will have to remain closed, and small businesses and liquor shops might open.

All ministries have been asked to start working for post-lockdown periods to kickstart the falling economy of the nation. The rotation system will be followed while ministers are at their work.

Will Lockdown get Extended?

Maharashtra remains the center of confirmed cases, and Delhi is not way behind. Tamil Nadu along with Rajasthan are the hot areas for confirmed cases. Over 400 cases included Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh.
In death toll, Maharashtra is leading with 127 numbers, with Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi and Telangana across the line.

Extension Of Coronavirus Lockdown In India

After the announcement of an extension has been made Uddhav Thackeray of Maharashtra said that this lockdown can be relaxed in some areas while in some other areas it will be strict.

The state’s Health Minister Rajesh Tope said the lockdown can be extended even beyond April if norms are flouted.

The government has announced to provide some ease to farmers who are directly disturbed by this caused disruption. He introduced a newly launched app ‘Arogya Setu’ app which can inform a person if he has travel close to the infected person or the infected area. This app plays an important tool to fight against coronavirus and this app can be used as an electronic pass which will facilitate the safe traveling from one place to another.

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