Fear Of Uncertain Employment, Livelihood Among Sex Workers

Fear Of Uncertain Employment, Livelihood Among Sex Workers

Since the nation is in lockdown, imposed by the Government, fears of unemployment come to the mind of daily wage workers.

Though the government is providing things for livelihood, yet they are not reachable to everyone or simply the quantity provided is not enough for their families.

This lockdown situation is worse for people who are in the entertainment sector- from the Nat, Bediya and Bachchda denotified tribes.

A study conducted by the researchers of National Action Group for Denotified and Nomadic Tribes in five states – Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Delhi discovered that one hundred and six families were interviewed in total, and out of that only four families were provided with three meals in a day. A majority of 61 had only two meals a day; 38 received one meal and three families had to go hungry.

The problem is constant and even worse for sex workers. The imposed lockdown has created more problems for them, wrote The Wire. It further wrote what Chhari said that the same would not have been if famous entertainment workers like Amitabh Bachhan or Deepika Padukone sent out a message [of distress], there would be crores of people behind them. But that is not the same with sex workers who are not celebrated and are being discriminated against, despite being an entertainment worker too.

The Wire further wrote that according to Chhari, 150 women during the initial days of the lockdown, had marched from the red light area in Morena to the district collectorate during the lockdown. When they are sacrificing social distancing during lockdown which is a necessity and would risk beatings of the police, this means that they are in dire need of food, said Chhari as written by The Wire.

Further, The Wire wrote what Mohammad Kalam who works with women from the Nat community of traditional sex workers in Araria, Bihar has told them, that there are sex workers who do not have documents related to identity such as ration cards and in normal days sex workers are being targeted so it is bad for them during lockdown as in red-light areas anybody seen on streets is being beaten.

It further wrote that this situation is bad for girls who work in dance bars as these are closed due to this lockdown, and where will they be getting money from as it is the sole income for them.


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