Roadside Birth, The Migrant Labour Then Walked For 160 km

Amidst the pandemic breakout, the Government has imposed lockdown in the whole nation. This imposed lockdown has left several migrant labours stranded. Risking their lives, with no means to reach back home, migrant labours are covering more than a thousand kilometres. There have been recent cases where migrant workers were forced to have a roadside birth.

Shakuntala, the wife of migrant labour, with nine-month pregnancy took the risk of walking from Nashik to Satna which is 1,000 km.

On May 5, on the roadside, she gave birth to a baby, and after resting for an hour she continued the march. She was one of the sixteen who were marching from Nashik to Satna.
On Saturday, the group staggered into the Bijasan town in Maharashtra MP border. When they staggered, an inspector saw the newborn baby and reached to Shakuntala to see if she needed any help.

Bijasan police check-post in charge, Kavita Kanesh said that she was stunned upon hearing that Shakuntala had delivered the baby on the Agra Mumbai national highway with the help of four women companions.

Shakuntala told the police that she had walked 60km on the foot by the time she gave birth, and after giving birth she walked almost 160 km, carrying the baby in her arms.
As reported by Times Of India(TOI), Shakuntala’s husband, Rakesh Koul has told them that they had a very difficult journey but they have also been provided help by a Sikh family on their way. TOI informed that the Sikh family gave clothes and essentials to Shakuntala’s newborn baby at Dhule. TOI further reported what Rakesh told that he and others have lost their jobs as industries in Nashik have been shut down due to the lockdown. They had nothing to eat, and when they reached Pimpalgaon, Shakuntala started having labour pains.

When they reached Bijasan, police personnel provided footwears to kids of the family who were barefoot and provided food and water to eat and drink.
Kaneshsaid as reported by the TOI that Rakesh’s two-year-old daughter who was barefoot was happily jumping around upon receiving “chappals” from police personnel.
The administration had made arrangements to send the family back to their home. They have been sent by bus.


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