Foreigners Made “Scapegoat” Over Covid: Court On Tablighi Jamaat

Foreigners Made

On Friday, the Bombay High Court dismissed cases filed against 29 foreigners of Tabligh Jamaat. Foreign nationals who attended the Nizamuddin event in Delhi were virtually persecuted and accused of spreading coronavirus as part of propaganda, said the Aurangabad bench of the Bombay High Court. It added that these foreign nationals were made a scapegoat by political governments.

After a gathering at Nizamuddin in Delhi, hundreds of people both locals and foreigners tested coronavirus positive. There were cases of visa violation, registered against these foreign nationals. 

The Tabligh Jamaat event turned out to be the biggest coronavirus cluster across the country.

“There was big propaganda in print media and electronic media against the foreigners who had come to Markaz Delhi and an attempt was made to create a picture that these foreigners were responsible for spreading COVID-19 virus in India. There was virtually persecution against these foreigners,” the court said in its order.

There were many charges put on 29 foreign nationals. These 29 foreign nationals were booked under the Epidemic Diseases Act. They were also booked under Disaster Management Act, the IPC, and Foreigners Act for purportedly violating their tourist visa conditions after attending the Tablighi Jamaat gathering.

However, now the court said that the took action against the petitioners should not have been taken place.

“It is now high time for the concerned to repent about this action taken against the foreigners and to take some positive steps to repair the damage done by such action,” the court said.

The court also added that visit to religious places by foreigners’ was not a prohibited activity. The court said that during the COVID-19 situation everyone needed to be more patient and sensitive towards our guests, but they were put in jail and were accused of violating travel documents along with the spread of the coronavirus.



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