Gal Gadot To Star In Cleopatra Biopic, Brings Outrage

Gal Gadot To Star In Cleopatra Biopic, Brings Outrage

Gal Gadot is coming along with Patty Jenkins to play the role of Cleopatra. The director of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman role, Patty Jenkins is directing a period biographical drama, Cleopatra which is scripted by Laeta Kalogridis.

The casting of Gal Gadot as Cleopatra has attracted a debate regarding the ancestry of the Egyptian ruler. The debate also arose if the Israeli actress is supposed to play the role.

Cleopatra was a female Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. She was immortalized by Shakespeare, legend and history. It is believed that Cleopatra was of Macedonian Greek descent.

Gal Gadot is of European extraction which is not very diverse ethnically from the origin of Cleopatra. Gal Gadot played roles of superheroes that have origins which echo Greek mythology. Roles include Diana or Wonder Woman.

However, many on social media commented that the role should have been played by an Egyptian or Arab actress.
They are seemingly ignorant of what historians agree was the real Cleopatra’s ethnic identity and heritage.

As reported by Deadline, the film Cleopatra is Gadot’s idea and it is being billed as an epic biographical drama.

Making the announcement, Gadot tweeted, “I love embarking on new journeys, I love the excitement of new projects, the thrill of bringing new stories to life. Cleopatra is a story I wanted to tell for a very long time. Can’t be more grateful about this A team.”

The announcement by Gadot attracted huge criticism. Many railed against the casting of an Israeli actress as the Queen of Egypt. They say that the character should have been played by a woman of colour. Moreover, many Netizens objected because Gadot is an Israeli.

A Palestinian-German director, Lexi Alexander said that the role should have been played by a Black actress. Many also pointed out that Gadot has a history of serving the Israeli army. She has also outspoken support for the military offensives of the army on the Gaza strip.


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