Harvard Report: May Need To Practice Social-Distancing Till 2022

Harvard Report: May Need To Practice Social-Distancing Till 2022

As per findings by researchers of Harvard School of Public Health, in the US, social distancing may extend to be continued in practicing till 2022 until a required vaccine has been developed. Social distancing has been advised to people globally amidst the COVID-19 a disease spread by a coronavirus.

This study has been made after more than 2,200 people died on Tuesday in the United States from the outbreak of COVID-19 disease, as per the tally of Reuters, even as the country discusses how to restart its economy.

The death toll in the United States from this virus overall accounts for more than 28,300 as of Tuesday.

The Harvard researchers said in findings published Tuesday in the journal Science that intermittent social distancing may be applicable in 2022 until care capacity for critical situations is increased or the right vaccine has been produced to fight against the pandemic.

Researchers mentioned the example of South Korea and Singapore who have enforced an effective social distancing, thus reducing the pressure on health care systems and to contact tracing and quarantine to be easily made.

As with most mathematical models, the predictions made by researchers are based on assumptions we don’t yet know about the virus as this virus has many variables said by Dr. Rosemary Guerguerian, NBC News’ medical fellow.

Harvard Report: May Need To Practice Social-Distancing Till 2022

The study made acknowledged that prolong distancing would effect most likely economic in a negative way and have consequences on social and education.

The study further added that even after this disease has been eliminated, SARS-CoV-2 surveillance should still be continued as a resurgence in contagion may be possible as late as 2024.
As per the findings, COVID-19 is likely to re-appear every winter.

There has been warning by the World Health Organization that infections had “certainly” not yet reached its peak.

2 million people nearly have been infected through this virus and more than 1,24,000 have been dead in this global outbreak, now termed -‘pandemic’. It has been the most serious pandemic in the century.

The epicenter of the breakthrough has shifted from China, where the virus emerged in December, to the United States, which has now recorded the most deaths.


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