India Lifted Restrictions On Export Of 24 Drugs

India Lifted Restrictions On Export Of 24 Drugs

Indian Government said that being the world’s main supplier of generic drugs, during the corona pandemic we are uplifting restrictions on the export of 24 pharmaceutical additives and medicines made from them. It had promogulated the restrain last month as the COVID-19 pandemic rattled global supply chains.

Paracetamol, a common pain reliever, and its composition were not added in the list of drugs released up for export.

It has been not clear what made the Indian Government lift the restrictions on the export of 24 drugs. But some sources claimes that the bans have been released due to the intense pressure from the United States President Donald Trump.

Lifted Restrictions on Export

White House spokesman Judd Deere said that the two leaders admitted remaining in touch on the issue of global supply chains for crucial pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. He added both Governments will ensure that they continue to function evenly during the global health crisis.

India Lifted Restrictions On Export Of 24 Drugs

On March 3, Restrictions on the exports of 26 ingredients and medicines were impounded by the Indian Government. Paracetamol and its compositions alleged for 2 items on the original list.

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The 26 active pharmaceutical formulations alleged for 10% of all Indian pharmaceutical exports and added various antibiotics, such as Vitamin B12.

The Indian Government has also placed restrictions on the export of most of the diagnostic testing kits. Also, some weeks ago, the Govt had banned the export of ventilators, masks & other PPE that may be required by both patients & medical staff.

The decision of uplifting restrictions on exports of 24 drugs was also followed by a phone call between Indian Prime Minister  Modi and US President  Trump.

Earlier US President Donald Trump said in Washington that India could face retaliation for its decision to restrict the exports of hydroxychloroquine.


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