India Surpassed Brazil In Number Of Coronavirus Cases

India Surpassed Brazil In Number Of Coronavirus Cases

On Monday, India surpassed the third worst-hit coronavirus country and became the second worst-hit coronavirus country of the world. With more than 90,000 coronavirus cases in a single day, India left Behind Brazil. The most worst-hit coronavirus country of the world is still the United States.

In the past 24 hours, India reported 90,802 coronavirus cases This number made India surpassed total past Brazil with 4.2 million cases. Now, India is only behind the US, which has more than 6 million coronavirus infection cases. On Monday, the Health Ministry of India added 1,016 new deaths from the coronavirus thus making a total of 71,642, the third-highest national toll.

For almost a month, India has been recording the world’s huge daily number of coronavirus cases. In the past month, India crossed 2 million coronavirus cases. Despite the virus spreading through the country’s villages and small towns, the lockdown has been lifted off by the Indian government. The India government has lifted off the restrictions to revive the hammered economy.

After 5 months, since lockdown, on Monday the Delhi metro resumed its operations. However, only people with asymptomatic behaviours were allowed to board the trains with proper preventive measures. People boarding trains will have to wear masks, follow proper social distancing with mandatory temperature checks.

“We are on our way. It’s been 169 days since we’ve seen you!,” the official Twitter account of Delhi Metro tweeted.

The metro train network of Delhi is India’s largest fastest transport system. In March, the imposed lockdown also made the metro network to temporarily pause their activities. The packed trains used to carry 2.6 million passengers on an average daily.

Its reopening comes at a time when India has the fastest-growing coronavirus crisis in the world and the economy has shrunk faster than any other major nation’s.


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