Indian Democracy is Dead ? Why Govt is not Providing Data ?

Govt Hiding Data

I was simply scrolling down my Facebook news feed where I found a post from one of my Facebook friend Avinash ShuklaHe has raised some legit points in his post. And according to me he is just trying to get answers of some hidden myths and questions going on in India.

I am sharing his post as it is without making any changes except Grammatical and some minor errors.

Original Post from Avinash Shukla’s FB Timeline

“The way government is behaving, I get the feeling that our democracy is dead.

The government is not bothered about the laborers.

The government is only interested in collecting as much money as possible from the people, it is taxing people to death through taxes on essentials like petrol, diesel and gas.

It does not listen to anyone.

It does not answer anyone on the need to spend 20,000 Crore INR for a Delhi beautification project. (Central Vista Project)

It does not answer people on 8500 Crores being spent on jets for President and PM.

It collects 20,000 Crores in PM Cares Fund but does not submit to RTI or CAG audit.

It does nothing for the 6000 Crores stuck of PMC Bank holders.

At the same time it is passing benefits to crony capitalists and selling family silver as if there is no tomorrow.

Avinash Shukla

I fear that the way this government is ignoring the large voter base, the era of elections in India is going to be over soon and the nation may see implementation of Hindu Rashtra.

Our constitution is being trampled upon by all institutions that are mandated to protect it.

We might be standing on the last leg as far as democracy is concerned….

That is why we need to snatch back our democracy.” – Original Post Link

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