Indian Firm Makes 1 Crore Real-Time COVID-19 Test Kits, Give Result In 90 Minutes

Indian Firm Makes 1 Crore Real-Time COVID-19 Test Kits, Give Result In 90 Minutes

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, an Indian company, GCC Biotech based in West Bengal has announced the development of a real-time Coronavirus testing kits, at the cost of Rs.500, for a single test.

As per a report in ANI, the kit developed by GCC Biotech India, West Bengal-based firm in South 24 Parganas, costs Rs 500 for a single test, while, the testing fee for COVID-19 by the union government is Rs 4,500 across India.

According to the report, the managing director of GCC Biotech India stated that after two months of research and development, this kit was made. He further said that the kit is cost-effective as it contains all reagents produced by the company.

According to the company, one kit can test 100 patients.
This indigenous test kit includes two steps – QRT PCR Master Mix Primer Probe and RNA Template, each of which is developed in the laboratory itself. Testing kits were prepared following three procedures all leads to test the quality of Proteins, and Enzymes.

MD has shared that they have 40 lakh kits in their store, and they have made 1 crore test kits. He further mentioned that the Government could be provided support, without any problems if India could conduct 3 lakh tests per day.

According to the reports, earlier this month on May 1, 2020, the Indian Council of Medical Research has approved the kits made by the GCC Biotech India company. Also, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, the government has been urging domestic firms to come up with indigenous solutions and in the wake of the pandemic, several automobile firms have been developing ventilators and other medical supplies.

Talking about Coronavirus, the number of cases in India is on a surge and has approached the toll of 70,000. Talking about the kit, reports suggest that the patient can get the Coronavirus result within 90 minutes and the incubation period is not required for the test and the Indian firm has made one crore testing kits so far. Well, amidst the news of deaths caused by the COVID 19 infection, this news comes as a ray of hope.


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